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A mod bot for simple commands. THIS BOT MAY SHUTDOWN EVERY SO OFTEN! Also you can't change the prefix.


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🔨**Moderation Commands**🔨
!kick @user - Kick a mentioned user
!ban @user {reason} - Bans mentioned user 
!mute @user - Mute a user (The mute role has to be setup before this (!setmuterole {role name}))
!unmute @user - Unmutes a muted user
!purge {messages to delete} - Deleted messages in bulk
!lock - Locks the channel your in
!unlock - Unlocks the channel your in
!warn @user - Warns a user
!user-warns @user - See how many warns a user has
!server-warns - See who in your server has warnings
🛠**Utility Commands**🛠
!embed {text to embed} - Turns normal text to embed form
!say {text to say} - Repeats text you said
!roleid {role name} - Gets the ID of a role
⚙**Setup Commands**⚙
!setmuterole {role name} - Sets the mute role
!ticketcategoryname {category name} - Set the category for new ticket channels to be created
!setsuggestionchannel {channel ID} - Set the channel for suggestions to be placed
ğŸŽ‰**Fun Commands**ğŸŽ‰
!8ball {question} - Ask a question
!red {message} - Turns your message to red color
!cyan {message} - Turns your message to cyan color
!yellow {message} - Turns your message to yellow color
!poll {question} - Makes a poll
ğŸŽ«**Ticket Commands**ğŸŽ«
!new (Subject) - Makes a new ticket
!close - Closes a ticket
🤖**Bot Commands**🤖
!help - See all commands
!credits - See who help make the bot
!ping - See the bots ping
!status - See the status of the bot
!servercount - See the amount of servers EZMod is in
!invite - Invite the bot
!website - See our website
!support - Get support for the bot
!leave - Force EZMod to leave your server
💵**Point Commands** ***(Support Server Only)***💵
!pointbalance - See your point balance
!pointshop - See want you can buy with points
!pointleaderboard - See who has the most points
💻**Server Commands**💻
!suggest {suggestion} - Make a suggestion (Note the suggestion channel must be setup)
!members - Shows online members
!serverinfo - Shows the servers info
📛**Badge Commands**📛
!badges - Shows your badges
!checkbadges @user - Checks others users badges

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