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Hi Everyone, Currently, Our Developers decided to stop working on Setar, and instead of that, they are making a new Bot Called "Setar+", But however, Stop working on SeTar doesn't mean that we won't support or the bot will be offline, it just means we are not pushing any update for it these days! Also, you can join our discord server to get more information about this! Have a Good Day!

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The best Persian language robot for Persian speakers in the world With this robot, you have the ability to play music to your voice channels, this bot is specialy made for persian discord users, but however, you can feel free to change bot language using /lang command!

بهترین و اولین ربات موسیقی فارسی زبان

سازنده ربات : ^BoyCode#2155

سرور ربات :

تمام دستورات ربات : /help

درصورت وجود هرگونه مشکل در ربات به پشتیبانی ربات در سرور ربات مراجعه کنید

ربات و پشتیبانی به صورت 24 ساعته فعال و اماده برای کمک به شما خواهند بود

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