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A simple bot with cool features for playing and menaging music



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♧ Roboku ♧

Welcome to Roboku's DiscordBots page.

With this bot you will be able to play music on your server using commands.

To see the command list, type rhelp on your server or check them below.

♧ Commands ♧

First of all, this bot uses a preffix, in order to identify commands.

The preffix is r and it's case sensitive! Wich means it has to be lowercase. R won't work!

The first command is rhelp. It will display in your server, the list of commands with a short description.

Use rplay X to start playing music. 'X' can be replaced with a part of the title, or the link itself.

To stop the bot, you have to run rstop. NOTE: that will clear the queue as well, and disconnect the bot.

As you read above, the bot has queue functionality. All you have to do is to write rplay multiple times.

If a music is allready playing, and you requested a new one, it will be added to the queue.

To skip the music simply type rskip

If you need to take a short break, you can pause the bot with rpause and resume with rresume

You tried to play a song, but the bot plays a different one? use rsearch X and Roboku will list you 10 search finds for that title.

If you identify your desired song there, simply type the number of the song without any preffix and the bot will get it!

It is possible to get the current played song info with rnowplaying or rnp.

To get the queue music list, type rqueue or rq.

Roboku volume can be also modified using command, rvolume 1-100

You can even turn the loop on/off by typing loop

♧ Support/Contact ♧

If you have a problem using this bot, type rsupport or contact AliexStrasza#5268 to get it fixed.

Or you can join our server at We are oppen for any suggestions that can help or improve Roboku.

♧ Complete List ♧

| rplay | rp | rsearch | rsc | rskip | rstop | rpause | rresume | rnowplaying | rnp | rqueue | rq | rvolume | rvol | rloop | rcontact |

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