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A Partnership Bot to get you LOTS OF MEMBERS!


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Free And Basic Partnership bot for bumping and getting free members! [Running 24/7!]

Get Started

First, add the channel where other server bumps will be posted using e!channel . Next, use e!desc <description> to set the description of your advertisement. Your setup is just about finished! Use e!preview to take a final preview of your advertisement and then use e!bump to bump your ad to all the other guilds!


Like other partnership bots you have a 40 Minutes Cooldown between each bump. But i've decided to do something much better! If we hit 1000 discord servers I will lower the cooldown to 30 Minutes and if we hit 10,000 discord servers I will lower it to 20 Minutes between each server bump!

All Commands

『 General 』

e!help How do i start?

e!invite Invite the bot to your server!

e!ping The bots latency

e!upvote Upvoting the bot on top.gg helps you get more members!

e!support Our support discord server!

e!serverinfo Basic info about your discord server!

e!userinfo Basic info about YOU!

『 Setup Tutorial 』

e!channel The channel where other server bumps will be posted.

e!desc Set the description of your advertisement.

e!preview Preview your advertisement.

e!bump Bump your ad to all the other guilds.

The help command also consists of the link to the support discord and our website!

User Reviews


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avatar of WeebyMan
WeebyMan 2 months ago

Helped my server so much! 100% recommend for new servers.


avatar of y'all mind if i
y'all mind if i 2 months ago

EpicBump has helped me grow my server so much! This, disboard bot, and bump reminder will help you grow your server like crazy!


avatar of The Mystic
The Mystic 21 days ago

the prefix doesn't work but with the reviews, I am sure it shall be fixed so 3 stars for now