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Deloozer is a new multi functional bot for discord wrote in discordjs, our aim is to include as many key features as possible in our bot.


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A multi-functional discord bot, to manage your discord guild!
Deloozer bot was built by Alex. D#9840 and Dani M ◢ ◤#4928, the idea came around after we realised we had to add so many bots to our discord servers just to get the job done. So we decided to stop being lazy and make our own bot and release it to the public!
Bot is under development, changes may occur!
  • !help
  • !bot
  • !user
  • !server
  • !ping
  • !warn
  • !rwarn
  • !vwarn
  • !ban
  • !kick
Our bot can be invited from here obviosuly 😃 and as soon as it is in your server it is ready to go! You can change the prefix and module options on our web panel. Our web panel is being updated and changed constantly to ensure it stays up to day! All commands will work right off the bat and you can view our full documentation here!
We love getting user support and contributions! You can suggest changes and feature requests on our discord server. We will review the suggestions cross check them with existing features and decide wether or not they will be added depending on demand and possibility at the time!
Open Source?
Our bot is not open source however we do support open source and will support new developers with their discordjs adventures. Our bot code is private however the bot can be added to any discord server at any time as it is a public bot.

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