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Multiporpose bot with multiple languages and configurable prefix.


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This bot is an utility bot that works with node.js with a growing size of commands.

Bot Commands

This bot actually has 40+ commands and we are working on lots of others... This bot has some command categories and are the following:

  • Admin has 6 commands: clear, createemoji, everyonerole, lock, unlock, setnsfw.

  • Config has 5 commands: disablecommand, enablecommand, language, prefix, setlogs.

  • Fun has 3 commands: horoscope, pp, say.

  • Info has 7 commands: about, botstats, date, help, invite, ping, vote.

  • Misc has 5 commands: anime, animeavatar, color, colorutil, npm.

  • Nsfw has 4 commands: anal, boobs, r34, yuri.

  • Text has 3 commands: enchantment, morse, superspoiler.

  • Utility has 13 commands: avatar, channelinfo, channellist, emojiinfo, inrole, invites, jumbo, roleinfo, rolelist, serverinfo, userinfo, oldestmember, youngestmember.

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