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Multi-functional bot with Music, ReactionRoles, AntiSpam, Counters, and much more...


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Zigger – Zigecek


Bot is still updated. Every error or issue is quickly repaired to provide the best services. You can report every error or issue with the bot by contacting me (Contact).

Zigger is a Discord bot with so much functions (bellow). It is still in beta testing so you can help growing it!

Bot is suitable for small but also large servers. It can provide you cool features like Music, Fun, Reaction roles, Meme, …

The bot is written in Node.js with the help of Discord.js.

It is developed by just me, so if you have some experience with coding with Node.js you can contact me and we can build it together.


Music with queue !

Music is one of the best features. You can use a lot of commands (play, search, skip, pause, resume, loop, shuffle, queue, join, disconnect, volume, …).

Every command is processed fast so you can enyoj the music fully. You can add playlists (max 100 songs). 


Reaction roles !

Reaction roles can be used with any message content, with any emoji (discord, custom, unicode), with any role.

It can add role by reacting it, but also removing it by removing the reaction. Lightning fast role adding.


Meme !

With the Zigger you will not be bored. You can use meme command and it will give you random meme.

Counters / Server stats !

Bot will make you counters with the channels. So you can track basic stats of your server. 

Counters can provide you many types of the counters (all, members, bots, online, offline).

And you can customize the counters like you want.


Temporary channels !

Everyone on your server can make his own private voice channel.

He can add his friends. Also he can remove them.

Zigger customatization !

You can easily customize Zigger’s settings.

Prefix is editable for each server, so each server can have custom prefix.

Language is the same as prefix. There are 2 languages to set yet. (Czech, English).

You can help Zigger to grow up by translating all the messages to your language.

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