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My bot has many fun commands. Use .help and .commandlist for more info :)



Uteki Command Updates

Heyyoo! I've added a few more commands and stuff to Uteki :) I've added a Verification system for when users join a server they have to verify. I've also added a Rank/Level system into Uteki^^ A few more Roleplay commands have also been added. All Updates will be posted In the Development server!! So if you'd like to keep updated I would recommend joining! Thanks for using Uteki and I hope you continue to support us :)


my bot has many commands.. heres a small list of the commands, if you'd like to see a full list use .commandlist .howgay .dog .cat .joke .ship .bigbrain .8ball .impostorvent (your text) .eject (@user) .starvs (@user) .pog .hug (@user) .pat (@user) .kiss (@user) .cookie (@user) .cry I've also added a few Moderation commands like .kick (@user) (reason) .ban (@user) (reason) And then I have a few economy commands like .bal .with .dep .work .daily .pay (@user) (amount) .rob (@user) This isnt all the commands, you can find all of them if you use .commandlist

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