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Hello, LluxuryY Bot Administrator here, for those of you who want to know more about us you can go to our website, thank you :)






Hello, world!

LluxuryY Bot PortFolio

Above are the commands available on the LluxuryY Bot Administrator. To be as complete as you can go to our official site

And in this bot there is a leveling system with a variety of message embeds

Q & A

Q : What happens when the bot doesn't start?

A : It might happen because the hosting service we use has a problem and or maybe you can tell us via our website or discord support server :)

Q : What should I do when the command doesn't work the way I want or there are bugs?

A : First of all, make sure you check using the command: update because we usually tell you if there is an error there

Q : If the above is not possible, what should I do?

A : Please contact the developer via personal message on discord FatihAttala # 5531 or you can fill in the form on our website, thank you

Q : Can I request a feature for my discord server??

A : You can request a feature by direct contact with the developer and it will be discussed

Q : Why do levels up often double the messages?

A : For now, the messages on Level up often double and will be fixed soon, thank you :)

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