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CovidSim is a multipurpose Discord bot: aiming to spread awareness about COVID-19 in a fun and informative manner.


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After forty eight hours and thanks to the hard work put in by our entire team, we are pleased to announce that CovidSim has now been officially verified. To that end, the bot is no longer subjected to the guild limit that was in place after our swift rising popularity of guilds that had invited CovidSim before our 250 guild limit, which means we are now in a unique position to grow exponentially as development continues at a breakneck pace. If you have any issues with CovidSim and wish to discuss with our team about anything, you can contact us in our Support Server:


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About Us
As two college students and a pair of twins just starting out in high school, we have found ourselves in a precarious situation in the midst of a global pandemic which - if you flashback to several months ago - none of us had anticipated. In the same respect to which COVID-19 became a global issue, so did the spread of misinformation about it. To counter against this, and to provide greater transparency to a vast population, we have decided to create a Discord bot whose features would allow us to appeal to and educate a widespread demographic about the circumstances which are being presented to each and every one of us day to day.

Display local statistics with +c <country> Using an Alpha-3-Code or Country name.
Display global stastics with +c for all Cases, Deaths & Tests
View all available commands with +commands in embed or private message form
Display all help commands +help in embed or private message form
Join our support server with +support to receive direct help or to report bugs

Data Handling
  • (In-Progress) Scraping data from counties and municipalities worldwide to allow for the most in-depth scope into how your local jurisdictions are dealing with the spread of COVID-19
  • Gathering number of tests, COVID deaths, and total cases - all visualized through embedded graphs - as well as several different demographically focused data points.
Covid Simulation
  • To be implemented from Future Plans section ;)
RSS Tools
  • Subscribe to the r/Coronavirus Reddit Feed
  • Access direct news from multiple Coronavirus sources
Section To Be Assessed
  • Will build off Covid Simulation
Future Plans
Simulating the Pandemic - From Ground Zero to Proliferation.

Our objective to this end is to essentially create COVID-19 through Discord mechanics. Targets will be chosen automatically in a server based on the creation date of their account [possible approaches to this still being assessed], and transmitted through user-to-user interactions in both text channels and voice chats.

People who contract COVID-19 will be automatically assigned a role indicating this, which will be kept according to a timer on par with CDC quarantine timeline recommendations. The spread of the virus can be culled through the use of certain commands, those allowing you to take specific measures such as social distancing and washing your hands and equipping masks - all of which can be timed to allow for increased protection in specific areas through set durations.

Eventually, we will be able to simulate the COVID-19 pandemic cross-servers, where global profile data will eventually allow one person to contract the virus across all servers they are members of which contain the bot. This will eliminate the need for a COVID role, and implemented as the game progresses.

Once someone contracts COVID-19, the bot will - provided a user has their DMs enabled - message them with pertinent information regarding the pandemic, along with both our own tips and advice on how to mollify symptoms ingame as well as various government resources and links on best practices and recommendations to stay safe in these uncertain times.

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