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This bot is a utility bot that is coded on and is coed by a group of coders!



Bot offline issue

Our team knows that the bot it offline. We are working on a fix and starting the bot again.

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What is BloxxedBot? BloxxedBot is a bot that gives you acsses to loads of commands that is done by a communitiy of coders! BloxxedBot is still under development so expect outages and bugs! If you have any questions please join our discord server and ask us!


What is BloxxedBot built on? BloxxedBot is built on node.js, Discord.js and other libarys on the npm website. It was also built on the which is a website for coders to code all together!

Where Is The Dashboard, you may Ask Unfortenly, We dont have a Dashboard because we put effort to the bot.

Does BloxxedBot Have Premuim No. We Dont have Premuim.

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