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Astra can do anything you want, and more! Constantly Getting Updated to be Even Better!


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Astra is always being improved,and improving and adding more features.
Astra is entirely built by me, Daniel Kravec. I have spent many hours over the last months, and I intend to have many updates for the future.

Important Information:

Some things that might be most helpful to read

A complete rewrite is coming to Astra is in the works!


  • You can use "$help" for help and get information about commands.
  • Use "$help setup" for help with setup commands (also listed below).
  • Use "$support" for personal support from me.

Astra's Dashboard

Keep in mind that the dashboard is still in development, but you can be sure its 100% secure and safe. Everything is currently in working order, and the design is still being worked on.

Astra's Dashboard! (link)

Astra's Information Website

You can find information at this website, but keep in mind that this is just until i get the main website (the dashboard) ready for launch.

Astra's Website! (link)


  • The default prefix is "$"
  • You can set the prefix with "$prefix [newprefix]"

Logs / Portal Messages:

  • Set welcome message (sets to current channel): $setwel [message]
  • Set goodbye message (sets to current channel): $setleave [message]
  • Set Logs Channel: $setlogs [channel]

Just a few Commands inside Astra:

Here are just a few of the many commands inside of Astra.

Moderation Commands:

Astra has lots of different moderation commands. Plus more to come.

  • Ban User: $ban [tag user] (reason)
  • Kick User: $kick [tag user] (reason)
  • Mute User: $mute [tag user] (reason)
  • Moderate User Nickname: $moderate [tag user]
  • Slowmode: $sm [time(s/m/h)]
  • Post an announcement: $announce (channel tag) [announcement]
  • Warn User (currently in beta): $warn [tag user] (reason)
  • Bulk Delete 50 messages: $cc

Fun Commands:

Astra has many fun commands. Here are just some of my favourite.

  • Get a Quote: $quote
  • Check your weather: $weather [location]
  • Check Stock Price (doesn't always work due to API speeds): $stock [symbol]
  • Steal something: $steal
  • Say what you want: $say [text]
  • Mock a certain text: $mock [text]
  • Character Count: $characters [text]
  • Summarize Text: $summary [text]
  • Convert:
    • Convert Temperature (c/f/k): $convert-temp [temp] [convert from] [convert to]
    • Conver Colour (hex/rgb)$convert-colour [tonvert-from] (convert-to) [value (rgb (separate r/g/b) / hex)]

Detailed Logging:

Astra has very high detailed logs that can be useful to your moderators. All you have to do to set all of it up is: $setlogs [log channel], and you will start recieving logs

  • Command Logs
  • Purged Messages Logs
  • Edited Messages Logs
  • Deleted Messages Logs
  • Voice Channel Logs
  • Reaction Logs:
    • Reaction Added
    • Reaction Removed

Coming Soon:

I am always updating Astra, so expect many updates and improvements!
So expect many more features soon! You can find just a few of the future updates here: Astra's Website! (link)

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