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Ever wanted a bot specially made for music? A fully functional, stable music bot? V!BE does it all


!! or custom
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🤖 What is Vibe?

VIBE is a multi purpose music bot,with high quality sounds and lag free.Add it and experience premium quality in free! Its comes with [ !! ] as its default prefix. It has very unique and useful commands like skipto command to direct jump to any specific song on the queue,search command to search for your specific songs. Its also comes with other commands like loopsong to loop the current song,skipto command to direct jumpup on any song in the queue and much more. so basically this bot is created for our beloved user who can use this without any issues and still if u have some issues please feel free to join our support server we will surely listen to ur issues and rectify them as soon as possible :)

⚙️ Setting up for the first time

Its doesn't requires any addition setups you just have to invite it in your server and you are good to go.It comes with default prefix [ !! ]. Features


REACTION CONTROLS - Control certain music commands by the use of reactions when playing in the server.

SKIPTO - Its has Skipto command that will help you to jump to any song on the queue and skip the previous ones.

FILTERS - It has multiple music filters which can be applied to the bot while listening music.To get to about all availiale filters use command !!filters.

LAG FREE - Its totally a lag free bot.

PREMIUM QUALITY - It has premium quality sound.


LOOP AND LOOPSONG - It has loop command to loop the whole queue and loopsong command to loop the current song.

There are a lot more features type !!help to get the list of all the commands and type !!help (command)

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