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Neko water is a multilanguaje bot, that allows you to have fun in your discord server, moderate and much more!!!






NekoWater is a single developer bot that has a lot of command and a lot of variety like these:

NQN System


  • Avatar: Give the avatar of the user.
  • Hug: Send a hug to the user you selected.
  • Nervous: Be nervous to the user that you selected.


  • Help: A help command, to know all the commands of the bot.
  • Creators: Show the creators of the bot.
  • Bug: Send the bug you found to the creators.
  • Suggest: Send a suggestion for the discord bot to be added.
  • BotInf: Say the info of the discord bot.
  • Ascii: Convert your text to ascii text!
  • CreateInvite: Create an invitation that will expire in 7 days to the discord you send the command.
  • Discord: Send an a invite to the discord bot support server.
  • EHelp: The command help but with emojis. (A little bit buggy)
  • Invite: Invite NekoWater to your server.
  • Memory: Shows the memory that the bot is using at the moment.


  • Update: Send the new update.
  • Nuke: Nuke the channel.
  • SNuke: Nuke the channel but with an a animation first.

And secret commands... (You have hints on the website...) And much much more commands cooming soon...

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