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Wave a high quality discord music and easy to use. Featuring free 24/7 feature for free!


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A high quality music bot for your server! With free 24/7 in vc feature.

Wave music is a adavacnce music bot. With 30+ commands. Easy to use!

Steps to play music:

Step1). Invite bot to your server.
Step2). Join a voice channel.
Step3). Type +play <song_name>. GG, bot started playing music.

Other Commands:

1). To stop music: +stop
2). To pause music: +pause
3). To resume music +resume
4). To clear queue: +clear
5). To shuffle queue: +shuffle
6). To skip music: +skip
7). To play previous music: +previous
8). To seek music: +seek <duration>
9). To check current music: +nowplaying
10). To search music: +search

Basic commands:

1). Help
2). Invite
3). Stats
4). Uptime
5). Ping

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