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Milky Music is a High-quality Discord music bot with FREE volume control! Audio effects! Reaction Control!



List of all my commands

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Page 1 - General vote,about,uptime,Invite,ping

Page 2 - Music play,pause,resume,stop,loop,nowplaying,volume

Page 3 - Playlist playlist,queue,remove,shuffle,skip,skipto,move

Page 4 - Song search, lyrics

Page 1 - General .about -About Milky | Aliases: ab .uptime -Check the uptime | Aliases: up .invite -Link to invite Milky Music | Aliases: iv .ping -Show the bot's average ping | Aliases: pong .support -Link to join support server | Aliases: sp .vote -Link to vote Milky Music | Aliases: vt

Page 2 - Music .play -Plays audio from YouTube | Aliases:p .pause -Pause the currently playing music | Aliases: ps .resume -Resume currently playing music | Aliases:r .stop -Stops the music | Aliases: dc .loop -Toggle music loop | Aliases:l .nowplaying -Show now playing song | Aliases: np .volume Change volume of currently playing music | Aliases:v

Page 3 - Playlist .playlist -Play a playlist from youtube | Aliases: pl .queue -Show the music queue and now playing | Aliases:q .remove -Remove song from the queue | Aliases: rm .shuffle -Shuffle queue | Aliases: none .skip -Skip the currently playing song | Aliases:s .skipto -Skip to the selected queue number | Aliases: st .move -Move songs around in the queue | Aliases: mv

Page 4 - Song .search -Search and select a song to play from YouTube | Aliases: sc .lyrics -Get lyrics for the currently playing song | Aliases: ly

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