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Flips your words around, with random chances every day



New Feature just dropped with Typo!!

Introducing P a s s i v e A g g r e s s i v e n e s s where ihatemmorpg#9741 cannot spell properly. This new feature turns your message from 'Hello' to 'H e l l o' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Flips your words around with a different chance of 1-5% everyday, use this to have fun and laugh with your friends. The only command is !chance which displays the current chance of flipping messages, or just turn it into a string of mess. It will send a message about the current day's chance everyday/every time that it is rebooted. It is a simple bot that messes around with people. More troll'ish features might be added in the future.

Current Features: Repetition Reversal Random Capitals 'Passive Aggressive'

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