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Get the pokedex on your server.



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With the Pokédex bot you can get the Pokédex on your server.
With the Pokedex bot, you don't have to constantly open an Internet page and search for all the information there.
Get almost all information about Pokémon directly into your text channels with just one command.

Of course, the Pokédex bot offers even more useful functions and is constantly being expanded.
Get it on your server now and experience it for yourself.


  • Attention!
    The bot is still under development.
    Not all current Pokémon are available at the moment.
    Guaranteed are all normal Pokémon of the first to eighth generation. (Pokemon #001 - #898)
  • Important!
    The bot is still under development.
    Data errors are currently not excluded.


ped.help Issues all commands of the Pokédex
ped.owner Issues the owner of the bot.


ped.Pokemon <number>
Issues the Pokemon that contains the specified number.
ped.Pokemon <name>
Issues the Pokemon that contains the specified name.
ped.Random Issues a random Pokemon from the national Pokédex.

Owner Commands (Only for the owner)

ped.reloadPokemonList This command allows the Pokédex bot owner to update the Pokémon list without having to restart the bot.

Future plans and ideas

  • Add more functions to the Pokedex bot.
  • Add all generations and contained Pokémon of the National Pokédex.
  • Add all mega forms to the Pokédex bot.
  • Add all alolan forms to the Pokédex bot.
  • Add all galar forms to the Pokédex bot.
  • Add all gigantamax forms to the Pokédex bot.
  • Teach the bot more languages
  • Feed the Pokedex with so much information that you can call it a PokéWiki for Discord.

Bot permissions that are required as a minimum.

View Channels The permission is needed so that the bot can see the channels.
Send Messages The permission is needed for the bot to send messages, otherwise the bot will not respond in the channels.
If the bot does not respond, make sure that the bot in the current channel has the permissions.
Embed Links This permission is needed to create a link to a specific article.
Attach Files This permission is needed to attach content, such as images, to the message.
Read Message History This permission is needed for the bot to respond to your messages.
Mention Everyone This authorization is needed to be able to mention the requester.
Use Slash Commands In the future you should be able to use "/"-commands with the bot, to be able to do this this permission is needed.

About the developer

My artist name is BenjeminStar (aka. Beni).

I'm 20 years old and have been programming as a hobby for several years.

My favorite programming language is PHP. I am specialized in web developement. If there is something to program I try to solve it mostly in PHP with a webinterface.

I can handle the following programming languages and scripting languages:
HTML, JavaScript, CSS (SASS), PHP, C#, JAVA, SQL, Python (the experience I learn while programming).

This bot is the first big Discord bot I program and it helps me to learn the programming language Python.


More information will follow...

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