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Play Chess... in Discord!




Play Chess... in Discord!

Get Started

  • To get started, you can simply use c!play user to play a game with them.
  • Using an interactive setup, you can set game options, including the game mode and privacy.
  • Then, it will send the other user an invitation to the game in their DMs. Once accepted, you can play chess!
  • To play, simply type in the move you want to make, for example e2 e4.
  • You can specify promotion piece with e7 e8q, and access interactive game options by just typing in options.
  • To set your default game options, as well as some display settings, use c!settings.
  • To view your profile, use c!profile, and use c!set-description to set your public description.
  • Finally, you can use c!top type to view the top users based on a certain type.

Game Options

  1. Game Mode
    • DM Mode: The chess game is played in both players' DMs with ChessCord.
    • New Channel Mode: The chess game is played in a newly created channel. This channel will be created in the "Chess Games" category if one exists. If not, it will be created in no category. This channel will be deleted 30 seconds after the game is over.
    • Here Mode: The chess game is played in the current channel where the command is used.
  2. Privacy
    • Public Mode: Anyone can see the chess game. (Only applicable to New Channel and Here Modes)
    • Unlisted Mode: Anyone can spectate the chess game, but only if the have the game ID. (Only applicable to DM and New Channel Modes)
    • Private Mode: Nobody can view or spectate the chess game. (Only applicable to DM and New Channel Modes)
  3. Display (Can only be set in your personal settings)
    • Image Mode: Sends an SVG generated from the current board after every move. (Note: This has multiple features such as highlighting the last move and showing a check. However, the images may take a while to load based on Internet Strength)
    • Emoji Modes: Sends a board made out of custom emojis after every move. There are currently 2 Color Schemes available! (Note: This lacks multiple features found in Image Mode, but is recommended for Poor Internet Strength)


  • Compared to online chess platforms, using Discord is more secure.
  • Discord is a universal platform, which means there's no question of "what do you use, or lichess?"
  • You can start playing immediately, without creating an account!
  • ChessCord only stores necessary personal information, which are your User ID and User Tag.
  • Finally, ChessCord is free with no ads!

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