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Infinity404 is a multipurpose bot. It has moderation, music and more fun and useful commands!


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Infinity404 has fun, games, moderation, music, memes, and more! It’s a multipurpose bot. Many commands are coming soon and are being perfected. You won’t regret adding this bot and Discord will be more fun! It will keep chats alive with its various features. Many people like its music features the most. Be sure to invite this bot to your servers! You can find out more about the developer at :)

Features (Many coming soon!): Ticketing System, Leveling System (you can disable), Currency/Economy System, Advanced & Powerful Moderation, Many Fun Features, Memes, Emoji Commands, Manage Server, Music Commands, Giveaway Commands, Toggle Commands for Anti Curse and Anti Links Info, Setprefix

Reaction Roles, Logs, Welcome/Leave Coming Soon!

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