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A bot aimed towards helping (python) developers with multiple search and utility functions including code evaluation, search and more!



- PyBot -

The ultimate discord bot for python developers!

  • Open code evaluation for python
  • Python documentation search
  • GitHub repo and user search
  • Auto code pasting to mystbin or gist!
  • Stack-overflow search
  • PEP-number info
  • PyPi package search
  • JSON pretty printer
  • r/python reddit feed

Also offers code compilation for other languages too! (for more flexibility)

  • Often developers know more than one language so this will be a useful addon to python stuff Languages include: javascript java c cpp go csharp typescript ruby rust perl php bash swift kotlin brainfuck lua haskell nim dash d

  • The bot also has a markdown to html converter %mdtohtml and a Html to markdown converter %htmltomd

Utility Commands

  • A Tag system for keeping track of useful information in tags %tag ( includes subcommands for managing them )
  • A Todo system for keeping track of things you need to do! check the list with %todo and ( includes subcommands for managing the list! )
  • Reverse image search
  • google search engine
  • url shortener
  • And more!

Also provides some other useful commands such as serverinfo avatar userinfo etc.

  • A set of graphing commands such as %bar %line %pie to plot graphs based on user-inputted data!
  • This bot is still under active development -> if you have any suggestions of questions please join our support server though %support
  • Invite link - %invite
  • Vote for me! - %vote
  • Help - %help
  • Info - %info

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