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Fairly simple music discord bot with extra fun and meme commands!


* (Interchangable)
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What Makes Nobel Special

  • No queue limit

  • No max duration for songs

  • No special roles required for music commands

  • Constantly updating commands

  • User-friendly commands

Prefix For Nobel

  • Prefix = *

Prefix Is Now Changeable


Music Commands

Music Description
play Plays a song from Youtube
playlist Plays a playlist for Youtube
pause Pauses music
resume Resumes music
np Gets now playing song's info
skip Skips to next song
skipto Skips to requested song number
remove Remove songs from the queue
stop Stops playing music
volume Adjusts volume of the music
queue To see the full song queue
join Joins a voice channel 24/7
leave Leaves a voice channel
loop Loops The queue
shuffle Shuffles the queue
bassboost Cheeki Breeki V Damke
lyrics Bee boo la lu
ytt Watch Youtube on Discord yo

Fun Commands

Fun Description
anime Searches information of an anime series
valorant Gets info about Valorant agents
snake Classic game from Nokia
snipe I saw that and I have proof
editsnipe No edits allowed sonny
rps Plays a game of rock, paper and scissors
reverse Reverses a text
8ball Gives you an answer for those essential questions
text Rewrites a text in Ascii art
tictactoe Plays Tic Tac Toe with another user
meme Scavenges reddit for currently top memes
hack Hacks a user
owofy OwO whowts twhis?
trivia Oh yeah, it's big brain time
spotify Displays what a user is currently listening to on Spotify
spimg Displays a Spotify card of what a user is listening to
wiki Searches wiki for top tier answers
urban Searches meaning of words Boomers won't understand
weather Weather for mentioned cities (not countries)
worldclock Time all around the world
translate Translates a text
github Searches a profile on Github
sudo Not me!

Roleplay Commands

Roleplay Description
sad Don't be
smug Nice grin bro
shy Introverts smh
happy Someone's over cloud nine
hug Huggies for everyone
shoot Bam, you ded
lick Kinky much?
cuddle Extra touchy than hug
tickle Please hahah stwap
pat Ara ara
kiss Ranging from french to sweet ones
slap Ow, that hurts
dance Bille Jean is not my lover
laugh Lolmao Rofl

Image Commands

Image Description
maps Geography time
changemymind Try me
drake Hotline bling
tweet Tweet something on twitter
avatar Displays someone's avatar
deepfry Deepfries a user's profile picture

Moderation Commands

Moderation Description
setwelcome Sets mentioned server to welcome new members
setprefix Sets typed prefix as custom prefix for server
ping Returns latency and API ping
help Displays all commands for Nobel
mjl Member Joined LeaderBoard
userinfo Information regarding a user
serverinfo Information regarding current server
stats Information regarding Nobel
support Link for inviting Nobel or support server
invite Invite Nobel to your server
globalchat Help on how to set up Nobel's global chat


Use *help for Nobel's help page!


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