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Trade stocks with real-world prices, get information about any stock at any time. Learn how to trade and excel in perfecting your portfolio.


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What it Does:

Trade stocks and crypto at any time with real-world prices. Get information about any stock that you desire, along with getting professional ratings of them. There is endless possibilities with Stocks Bot!


Simulation Commands:

;trade [type] [ticker] [quantity] - Buy a stock with real-world pricing.
;initate - Begin your journey by creating a portfolio!
;portfolio - View your portfolio, see what stocks you own, average price paid, when you bought them.
;alert [type] [ticker] [price] - Set an alert to know when your favorite stock reaches a certain price.
;daily - Claim your daily cash to stay afloat.


General Commands:

;active - See the most active stocks of the day.
;etf-holders - Get a list of what the mentioned ETF owns shares of.
;financial-ratios [ticker] - Get different financial ratios of the mentioned ticker.
;gainer - See the top daily most gained stock.
;grade [ticker] - See professional's perspective on the mentioned stock, whether to buy or sell.
;loss - See the least gained daily stock.
;news [ticker] - Get news on the mentioned ticker.
;rating [ticker] - Get ratings on wether to buy the mentioned stock.
;sector - See how all of the sectors are performing.
;stock [ticker] - Get all basic information regarding the mentioned ticker.


Misc. Commands:

;bug [bug] - Report a bug and maybe receive currency in exhange!
;help - Get a list of all available commands.
;invite - Get an invite for the bot.
;ping - View the bots latency.
;prefix [prefix] - Set a custom prefix for the bot.
;support - If you are having trouble with the bot, join this server for help.
;uptime - View how long the bot has been up for./p>

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