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An advanced Music Bot, with 30+ Radio Stations, with capability of filters, like Bassboost, Nightcore, etc. and reaction interactivity. Base



filter -- Set Audio - Effects loop -- Toggle music loop lyrics -- Get lyrics for the currently playing song nowplaying -- Show current song pause -- Pause the currently playing music play <TITEL | URL> -- Plays song from YouTube/Stream queue -- Show the music queue and now playing radio -- Play a Radiostation remove -- Remove song from the queue resume -- Resume currently playing music search <TITEL | URL>-- Search and select videos to play shuffle -- Shuffles the current Queue! skip -- Skip the currently playing song skipto -- Skip to the selected queue number stop -- Stops the music volume <VOL. NUM.> -- Change volume help [COMMAND] -- Gives you a list of all help Commands NO API-KEY NEEDED! That's because it uses a scraper (youtube-sr)!

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