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An Obama Bot with all you need to know about Obama. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ






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The Obama Bot is a bot about all you need to know about Obama. It was made with python. There are 2 categories: The Obama commands, and the normal commands. In the Obama Commands there is all the commands about Obama. Such as (age), (birthpalce), (parents). In the normal commands there is just normal commands. Such as (snipe), (ping) and (avatar). All of the Obama Commands are: age, birthday, obama, birthplace, wife, president, parents, name. The command (age) show the age of Obama. The command (birthday) shows Obama's birthday. The command (obama) shows a picture of Obama. The commands (birthplace) shows where Obama was born. The command (wife) is Obama's wife. The command (president) says thing about Obama's time as president. The command (parents) shows the names of Obama's parents. The command (name) shows Obama's full name. All of the normal commands are: servers, hello, invite, help, say, ping, avatar, snipe, shrug, info, congrats, add, rickr. The command (servers) show the amount of servers the bot is in. The command (hello) says Hi back. The command (invite) shows the invite to invite the bot and the support server. THe command (help) shows the help command. The command (say) just says something in an embed. The command (ping) shows the bot's ping. The commabd (avatar) shows the avatar of the person. The command (snipe) shows the most recent deleted message. The command (shrug) just shrugs. The command (info) shows all the information you need to know. The command (congrats) shows a celebration. The command (add) adds two numbers. The command (rickr) thats for you to test. These are all the commands, and I hope you enejoy the bot?!

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