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A cozy companion Sloth who can get you do meet new people and make quarantine better :>


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What is Slothy?

Slothy is a companion on finding some friends to talk with!

How do I get started?

Do get started, you'll need a profile, so people would know who you are. Commands for this is s!profile. You can see your made profile with this command as well!
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I have a profile, now what?

When you have a profile, first I wanna congratulate completing the hardest step! Now you can so call "bump" your account with s!bump and it will show you that your profile was successfully created. Now you can go search a person! s!search and if you are not the only one who has bumped your account, then you'll get matched with someone. Like as this under alt text

If you are intrested of messing with your profiles more then check these out

s!matches With this command you can see who you have gotten matched with and you get all of the most important information about them.
s!private If you have thought that you dont wanna get matched or just want people to not see your profile, then you can use this command to private your profile.
s!clearprofile If you feel that you don't want anymore to have any kind of profile, then you can use this and clear all your profile data.
s!deletematch Use this command to get rid of matches, cause the maximum amount of matches is 23

To see anything else go check the bot out yourself. To see all the profile commands use s!help profiles

Command list

s!bump, s!clearmatches, s!clearprofile, s!deletematch, s!editprofile, s!matches, s!private, s!profile, s!search, s!removewelcomechannel, s!removechannel, s!disable-nitro, s!enable-nitro, s!welcome-remove, s!setwelcomechannel, s!setchannel, s!avatar, s!botinfo, s!remind, s!serverinfo, s!userinfo, s!stealemoji, s!sloth-images, s!help, s!invite, s!misc, s!profiles, s!report, s!settings, s!suggest s!covid19, s!say, s!play

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