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This bot replies to simple things. You can also play 8ball and coin flip and more. Run Food!help for help.



This is a bot I just made. It replies to simple things like Hello. You can also play with coinflip and 8ball and more. This is my first bot and I am still working on it. I used
if message.content.startswith('hello'): await'Hello!') for it to reply to text. This is the command for the 8ball. if any(word in msg for word in eightball_words): await It pickes random messages from a group called eightball_responses. Here is eightball_responses: eightball_responses = [ ":8ball: Without a doubt :pensive:", ":8ball: Outlook good :smirk:", ":8ball: Outlook not so good :upside_down:", ":8ball: Signs point to yes:slight_smile:", ":8ball: Don't count on it :thinking:", ":8ball: Yes - definitely :scream:", ":8ball: Nope :flushed:", ":8ball: No :confused:" ]

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