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plays kouvradio.com a 24/7 internet radio station


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This bot plays kouvradio.com 24/7 in the channel you specify with the "k!play" command

This Bot plays the internet radio station kouv radio in a channel 24/7 If you would like to advertise on the station And support it please message my owner or join the support server Advertisements can include businesses,discord servers and services or anything else that you want to advertise station is broadcasted and available worldwide But specializes in Music from the Pacific Northwest music and underground bands And musicians

If you would like to support the station we have Amazon affiliate links on our website a portion of it goes to us Any little bit will help thank you (if what your music on the radio go to are site to find out where to send it ) my commands

"k!help" my help menu

"k!ping" my ping

"k!play" start playing in your voice channel

"k!stop" stop playing in your voice channel

"k!set" set to your new voice channel( if bot restarts it will go to the channel u set play duse the same)

"k!site" go to my wedsite (http://kouvradio.com/)

"k!suport" join my suport server for help

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