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Suzune Horikita

This is a fun bot for moderation, fun, economy, its not for music although we do have a music bot in our server that you can invite!



Utility: 8ball, addemoji, avatar, botinfo, corona, delemoji, enlarge, feedback, github, gstart, help, invite, math, movie, ping, poll, serverinfo, uptime, userinfo, weather

Fun: animesearch, ascii, cuterate, dumbrate, gayrate, magik, meme, message, pokemon, respect, scary, simprate, smartrate, snipe, trumptweet, tweet, urban, wanted Economy: bal, beg, buy, crime, dep, inventory, leaderboard, pay, rob, store, with, work

Moderation: ban, giverole, lock, nuke

Developer: blacklist, whitelist

Images: fire, triggered

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