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a discord bot wich use a voice assitend on your pc to play music and moderte the server






This bot ist a voice channel mangment bot wich can also play music it's work with a java programm wich runs on your pc here is the readme file of this programm: This is a speech regionition programm all of your commands are in voice form how to set up: 1.put your discord id in the config.txt file at the slot my id 2. add your music links in the music keys file each word represents the word that you have to say to play it via discord 3. to run the programm use the run.bat file if it don't work open it with admin or open the jar-file with cmd (use java -jar path) the voice comands: System sart: activation word system execute ...: execute the file path wich you have written in the ececutepath.txt file system read: read out the files again discord play ...: plays the track you set in the music keys.txt file discord action skip: skips the track discord action clear: clear the tracks (helpful when you use playsist) Here is the download link: https://mega.nz/file/H6IBHK4K#QREETu6pXhvLV2fyLGZ_VquROvOGmFBYi75tdOBIFl4 its on the version 1.0 and further updates will come if you want somthing to know about my development the linke to my progress boared is here: https://trello.com/b/VA083Kns/jarbor-development

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