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Undefeated's Utilities

A Multipurpose Bot With Moderation, Fun, Image, Utility, Basic, And More Commands!



Undefeated's Utilities

Undefeated's Utilities is a multipurpose bot that does the following-

-Has a detailed help command with modules

-Has a unique status

-Has basic commands such as- An invite command, a ping command, an uptime command, a support command, and more!

-Has moderation commands such as- Slowmode, Purge, Mute, Kick, Ban, and more!

-Has image commands such as- Cat, Dog, Redpanda, Food, Memes, Art, USA, and more!

-Has fun commands such as- Avatar, 8Ball, Pop, Fart, PP, Howgay, Howthot, Simprate, Calc, Rps, Coin, Rick, And more!

-Has Utility commands such as- Giveaways, Weather, Polls, Remind, And more!

-There are also a few other commands in Undefeated's Utilities, And there will be many more to come!

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