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*play <name/URL>, play any type of music depending on the link or the name you put. supported platforms: youtube/spotify/soundcloud *search <name>, Opens a panel and lets you choose a music to play. *pause, Pause the current music that you are playing. *resume, Keeps playing the same song you have paused. *queue, Lets you see the next song on the queue. *clear-queue, Remove the music that is in queue. *shuffle, To mix the queue of the songs you have. *nowplaying, See the music that is in progress. *loop, to enable or disable the repeat function. *volume <1 - 100>, Lets you change the volume of the song between 1 - 100. *skip, Skips the current song and plays the next one. *stop, Stops the whole music. *filter <filter>, Adds and removes filter. *w-filters, To see the list of the filters provided with this bot.


A bot that allows you to play music the best way! Music may be laggy sometimes due to the server we have. Over some time I will be moving the bot to a better server I promise! Music bot has a great sound quality. It is also bug-free. This bot will never spam titles of the songs you listen to in your text channel etc. You can customize the sound that is coming out of the bot with filters. You can find all these commands under the ''commands'' section. This music bot supports Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud.

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