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Unique giveaway systems with fun, moderation and utility commands <3



Hello, this is a utility,fun,helpful, memeeee bot u can see his commands here: Hello! here u can see all my commands

Fun Commands 1.f!rps - U can play [Rock,Paper,Scissor] 2.f!meme - Random memes 3.f!roast - Roast your members like a boss 4.f!dice - Play dice with the bot Utility Commands 1.f!userinfo Giveaway Commands 1.f!gcreate - Let u create the giveaway 2. .joingw - Join the giveaway 3.f!participants - U can see who joined the giveaway Afk Commands 1.f!afk - U can go afk 2.f!checkafk - U can see why a user it's afk 3.f!stafk - Will remove your afk Moderation Commands 1.f!ban - Ban someone 2.f!kick - Kick someone Bot Commands 1.f!botinfo - Informations about the bot 2.f!ping - U can see the bot ms 3.f!support

This is one of my first bots that I made  it's still beta I have a lot of work to do, I'm trying to work harder and harder, hope u will enjoy this bot, have a great day and stay safe PS:(THIS DESCRIPTION IT'S OLD THE BOT HAVE MORE AND AMAZING COMMANDS <3)

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