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Cat Music

A Simple Discord Music Bot. Support YouTube Songs also have 24/7 command.




  • A Simple Discord Music Bot
  • Default Prefix of Cat Music //
  • Support YouTube links to play music
  • Can connected in Voice Channel for all time
  • Premium command, but free for all, just type //24/7
  • Developed by StrangeOP


  • To get info of each command you can do //help [command_name]
Command Description Aliases
24/7 Connect 24/7 in Voice Channel afk, 247, 24-7
help To show all help pannel h
botinfo Get My info/stats bi
invite To add/invite the BOT inv
loop Toggle music loop l
lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song ly
nowplaying To show the music which is currently playing in this server np
pause To pause the current music in the server ps, stop
ping To get latency of bot
play <YouTube_URL> or <song_name> To play songs p
playlist <YouTube_Playlist_URL> To play playlist pl
queue To show the server songs queue q
remove <song_number> Remove song from the queue rm
resume To resume the paused music rs
search <song_name> To search songs sc
shuffle Shuffle queue
skip To skip the current music s, next
skipto Skip to the selected queue number st
disconnect To stop the music and clearing the queue dc
volume To change the server song queue volume v, vol

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