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A small and optimized bot , easy to setup and run! With fun commands and a lot of cool stuff !






💻 Warbot

The "WarBot" bot is a small and optimized bot, its perfect for servers who don't want crazy and complicated bots and just a simple and fun bot.

The bot is always updated and improved, its a small & highly optimized bot! We are using a very advanced hosting system ( to make sure that your usage of the bot is safe & secure and fast )

🔨 Commands

The bot offers fun commands including:

  • Dog & Cat facts
  • Moderation commands ( mute , kick , ban )
  • Utility commands ( userinfo, serverinfo )
  • Animal commands And a lot more!

🧰 Support

We advise you to join our support server.


The bot has NO premium features! we NEVER plan on adding any commands and put them behind a pay wall!

⚙️Easy to setup

Setting up the bot is as simple as inviting him and he is good to go. It just needs administration permission and that's it . Do s!help to see all of it's commands!

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