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RPG with shop, classes, dungeons, items, PvP, races, gambling, marriage, music, raids, guilds and much more! 10+ languages available!


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avatar of Strawberry Waffles

The Bot is Fun to Play with and There are Endless Commands to Play with, But I Would Like to Critisice the Bot a Bit. The Reponses to the "$Help" Commands is too Long and is Difficult for Begginers to Grasp. As for the Bot itself, it Requires too many People to Play, Which is a Problem for Me and Other People with Small Friend Groups and Lastly, The Cooldown for Adventure is too Time-Consuming: An Hour is too Much. If Possible, Please Improve Some of These Issues I Encountered with the Bot. Thank you.

avatar of IdleRPG
IdleRPG 2 months ago

Hi, to submit feature requests and feedback you can reach out to us directly at the link below: https://git.travitia.xyz/Kenvyra/IdleRPG/-/issues/new?issue%5Bassignee_id%5D=&issue%5Bmilestone_id%5D= You should select "Feature" in the description template section :)

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avatar of Sheepieᴮᵃᵃᵃ (don't ping)

The bot itself is amazingly good, but I have a few suggestions for the creator, 1-adding boss spawns depending on the server activity 2-being able to find materials and use them to create weapons


avatar of Grim's Slave
Grim's Slave 2 months ago

This is the bestest discord bot ever. I just love it

avatar of IdleRPG
IdleRPG 2 months ago

Thank you! We're working hard to make it even better <3

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avatar of 𝐀𝐫𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜

Tuve un problema con el prefix command, dado que se me desconfiguró, ¿hay una forma de restablecer desde cero al bot?

avatar of IdleRPG
IdleRPG 2 months ago

Hi, you can always type "@IdleRPG settings prefix $" to reset the prefix to the default later.

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avatar of Paul_David
Paul_David 2 months ago

Great game I know its supposed to be an idle rpg but that kinda makes it boring its great for the most part though I just wish you guys added a way to get money and things without having to wait an hour, Maybe add a way to get small amounts of money or items but its cooldown is lower so that people arnt just sitting there. Besides that its an amazing bot!


avatar of TheUser1123
TheUser1123 2 months ago

Overall an excellent bot, only one thing I'd highly recommend fixing. I'm aware that the rate limit on commands is placed in to prevent spam, but spam isn't a problem when you're in DMs and you're playing Idle RPG that way. I recommend removing the rate limit in DMs but not in servers. If this isn't possible, please remove it completely and encourage the use of slow mode of channels with the bot instead. This would prevent spam just as effectively, if not more effectively, than a rate limit would because it completely disables the chat for the duration of the slowdown timer. Apart from that, this bot is incredible and, although I've only played for a week or two now, I can see myself grinding $$$ for hours on end.

avatar of IdleRPG
IdleRPG 2 months ago

The issue is not the spam in chat itself, the issue is spam to the bot to make it unable to catch up and get striked by Discord for sending too many requests at once. This issue persists in DMs and therefore it is global. Glad to hear you like the bot :)

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avatar of IdleRPG
IdleRPG 1 month ago

Can you elaborate on how it is broken and join the support server at discord.gg/idlerpg to tell us there? Thanks!

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avatar of Клауд
Клауд 2 months ago

Добрый вечер, как настроить бота, чтобы он не реагировал из других каналов? Чтобы работал только в определенном канале?


avatar of Jackzada
Jackzada 1 month ago

a força do jogador era para influenciar no tempo da missão e que o pet fosse mais util quando procurasse algo


avatar of Teaitosteph
Teaitosteph 1 month ago

Très bon jeu, parfait pour jouer avec ces amis


avatar of Vimz
Vimz 2 months ago

Как по мне это самый лучший бот для веселья в дс

avatar of IdleRPG
IdleRPG 2 months ago

С удовольствием!

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