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Multi music bot [High quality] [100+ music commands] [Spotify, Mixcloud, Radio, Google Play, YouTube Music, Apple Music] [Custom Playlists]


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Jockie Music is a multi music bot experiment.

What does that mean?
It means that you can have multiple Jockie Music bots (Up to four currently) on your server at once all playing music in different channels, cool right?

Supported sites
YouTube Music
Spotify (Up to 100 tracks per playlist)
Apple Music
Google Play Music
Direct HTTP support
Discord attachments
Radio (Search and play from 20,000+ radio stations from all around the globe)

You can get more information about each source on our FAQ page

Usage statistics on our Dashboard

It just works, same prefix, no hassle

Example of some cool collection (playlist) features

Custom Favourite Command
Collection (Playlist) Basics
Share codes

Guess the song
Play a guess the song game with your friends!

Why would I want to have multiple music bots in my server?
Sometimes it can be pretty annoying to have multiple different music bots as you might forget which ones are music bots and what prefix they use

The concept is simple
One server, multiple bots, one prefix

Our goal
Our goal is to give everyone a good and reliable music bot

Support the project
Use the m!donate command

How would I go about adding these bots?
Simply invite the bot and use the m!invite command if you need any more bots

Do I have to add all the bots?
No! You can invite any combination of the four bots, they all work independently

Still not convinced?
Come join our support server and try it out!

User Reviews


Based on 26 reviews

avatar of Bunti
Bunti 2 months ago

Imagine being able to create playlists, able to resume previous sessions, listen to radios, set restrictions, and do almost anything for FREE, that's what JOCKIE is! Almost every feature you can imagine is already implemented, easily the best music bot available on discord.


avatar of emirhan
emirhan 2 months ago

A Pretty Good Music Bot All Features Are Free Its Better Then All The Music Bots I Used Before


avatar of jtsshieh
jtsshieh 2 months ago

I've used many music bots and they all have features behind paywalls. This bot is not only as high quality as those, it also has most features free.


avatar of Drippy  滴る
Drippy 滴る 2 months ago

Best Music bot and you can do almost anything no payment like make your own collection and listen to radios.


avatar of Canelparne
Canelparne 1 month ago

Jockie's one of the best I've come across, it's got a good amount of commands to help configure and use as needed, and iirc none of the features are locked behind a paywall. The staff in the support server are nice and fast to help with any issues you may encounter. Quality's good too for a public music bot. Would absolutely recommend grabbing this one instead of the mainstream ones


avatar of ded
ded 2 months ago

My absolute favorite music bot! So customizable and easy to use, I can't believe it's free! And if you have any troubles, you get a quick response in their server. If you still don't have this in your server,, why?


avatar of D4Bandit
D4Bandit 2 months ago

Fell in love with Jockie after seeing its amazing level of customization and seeing that various features that in other bots are paid, you have them free here. This bot is truly amazing at accomplishing basic functions, and having a level of customization that no other bot has. And having the possibility to use your personal aliases, collections (playlists), prefixes, and etc. in any server that has a Jockie bot in it... Simply marvelous.


avatar of clay
clay 1 month ago

this bot is awesome!!!!!


avatar of SorcererAndrew
SorcererAndrew 1 month ago

This is a great bot. The feature I like the most that's from this bot is the big selection of sources to play songs. This is one of my favorite bots and I hope more sources get added to the bot.


avatar of ༺ Kim ☯
༺ Kim ☯ 2 months ago

i love this bot, i work nonstop 24/7


avatar of Duhcota
Duhcota 2 months ago

Love this bot. Wish the change volume worked without having to "pay" every time

avatar of Jockie Music
Jockie Music 2 months ago

Just for clarification, you don't have to pay, you just have to upvote the bot. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, we understand that it can be annoying to upvote the bot to use the volume command. The reason the volume command is vote-locked is to increase the exposure of the bot, this increases the growth and in the end the quality of the bot (in the form of updates and increased funding) which means everyone benefits from it. It is also worth mentioning that we had a public vote in our support server regarding this change where the majority was positive towards it, we always value what the community thinks! Thank you for using Jockie Music!

Replying to Duhcota

avatar of Smash_noobs
Smash_noobs 1 month ago

Nice boot of music for all the homies


avatar of !🎄Nate
!🎄Nate 1 month ago

The cool part about this bot is that it does apple music and spotify and others but the sound is very distorted.

avatar of Jockie Music
Jockie Music 1 month ago

Sorry you are having issues. Audio quality problems are inherently hard to find the cause of as there are many parts of the chain where it can go wrong, it could be something wrong or your end or even Discord's, it's hard to say without investigating the issue further. I have not experienced any "distortions" and I presume it's not a widespread problem with the bots as we have not had any reports of this happening. Feel free to join our support server and we may be able to help you further. Thank you for using Jockie Music!

Replying to !🎄Nate

avatar of stell
stell 1 month ago

Fofo lindo gato gostoso