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Database of 60,000 anime/game characters to claim and customize (waifu gacha). 400 commands, play original multiplayer games and much more!


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Database of 60,000 waifu and husbando to search and collect (Discord gacha card game): be the first to claim them on your server!
All are from existing animes, manga, comics or video games.
They were suggested by the community along with over 250,000 images and gifs, details are constantly added and reviewed by users. Hundreds of commands available!

You can also:
Customize many things about your waifu,
Collect kakera and keys to earn advantages for your harem,
Fight with your characters in a multiplayer game: waifu arena,
Catch pokémon at Rocket casino,
Play several original multiplayer word-based games,
Get anime quotes,
...and many other fun and useless things...

Fully translated in French
Partially translated in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and German.
Follow on Twitter: @Mudaebot Join the main server: https://discord.gg/EEGkGSh

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avatar of epicgames
epicgames 2 months ago

I don't want a child as my waifu


avatar of Svenjörn
Svenjörn 2 months ago

Its fun but it will destroy your friendships


avatar of omi
omi 2 months ago

crashed my car driving and claiming waifus but it was worth it. maybe not for the dude i hit.


avatar of Thanks4kill
Thanks4kill 2 months ago

Mudae allows me to keep my favorite characters locked in my basement. 10/10 would trap people in my basement again.


avatar of Zed
Zed 2 months ago

Imagine having life


avatar of Galaxure
Galaxure 2 months ago

while the bot can be fun, for well, being fun i guess, or possibly can gather some server engagement to have your server members come back on for a chance of rolling their favorite characters, or have them lurk constantly on a channel for their favorite character. player premium feels like it can be a bit unfair, i understand bot developers need money, and that's perfectly fine but just the basic player premium gives a user about 1/3 more rolls a player with max badges can get, which in my opinion is a little much, but it's most likely not a big problem, i guess. regardless, great bot, love the work placed into it.


avatar of Juampy
Juampy 2 months ago

Had to take it out of the server because someone claimed Albedo and one of the guys got really mad. 10/10 would play again


avatar of custom
custom 2 months ago

1st, amazing bot!!!!


avatar of Veld
Veld 2 months ago

This bot is great I love to use it


avatar of Javanobi
Javanobi 2 months ago

I honestly can’t explain how good this bot is. It deserves top 3!


avatar of speling champ
speling champ 2 months ago

Very good. problem is i failed my o levels because of this