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[Battles Released!] Catch SHINY & LEGENDARY Pokémon, Battle, Trade & Market, Evolve Pokemon, hatch Eggs & more in PokeMeow!

Created By: Avatar of Gopi Gopi# 0001

PokéMeow is a fun and addicting bot that you can play with your friends! Catch Pokémon and show off your Shinies and Legendaries (if you're lucky!)

Features of PokéMeow include:

;pokemon command

  • You can catch Pokémon with different rarities. Good luck finding Legendaries or Shinies!
  • Earn PokéCoins from catching to spend on Pokéballs, Greatballs, Ultraballs, and Masterballs.
    ShinyLugia ShinyMew

;buddy command

  • Set a Pokemon in your ;box as your buddy to start levelling it up.
  • IVs are randomly assigned to your buddy and can be rerolled for a cost.
  • Build up a team of 3 Pokemon for your ;team to batte other trainers (battling under development!)
    Rayquaza ShinyScizor

;evolve command

  • Evolve a Pokemon once it reaches its required level.
  • Some Pokemon require Friendship to evolve while others evolve with Evolution Stones.
  • Evolve your Shinies and Goldens for better stats! Golden Pokemon have slightly higher IVs than others.
    Ttar ShinyScizorEvo

;box command

  • View all of your Pokémon, and find other trainers to trade Pokémon with.
  • Collect Goldens (released on special occasions), Shinies (Weekly events!), and lots more Pokémon!
    Box Legends

;quests command

  • Get a new Quest every 2 hours and complete them for rewards.
  • Rewards include: PokéCoins, balls, lootboxes, repels, and other useful items to help you catch more Pokémon!

;catchbot command

  • Automatically catches Pokémon overnight.
  • Upgrade your catchbot to catch more Pokémon.
  • You have a small chance at finding Legendaries or Shinies!

;pokedex command

  • View your Pokédex and see which ones you have left to catch
  • ;pokedex {region name} to view specific region dexes, such as Kanto, Hoenn, or Johto.
    Pokedex ShinyMewtwoDex

;egg command

  • Collect eggs from lootboxes and hatch them for egg-exclusive Pokemon
  • If you're lucky, you might hatch a Shiny!
    ShinyHatch Mball

;shops command

  • You can buy your balls here!
  • Buy items such as Amulet Coins, which increase the amount of money you get from catches by 5% each!
  • You can buy up to 5 Shiny Charms with Vote Coins which increase your Shiny rate by 1% each!

;events command

  • New Events are hosted on special occasions!
  • Catch Pokémon with boosted Shiny Rates by purchasing an Event Ticket with your coins!
  • The first event was the release of Shiny Kanto Legendaries! Once an event ends, the event Pokémon are put back at their original rates.

And so much more! Type ;help to explore the rest of the game. Make sure to vote for ingame rewards!

Looking forward to seeing you join, feel free to join the support server if you have any questions.

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avatar of AmeAme
AmeAme 21 days ago

All the people giving 3 star reviews have no idea what they're talking about. The ads are from the website not the bot. The bot gets nothing from the ads. Giving the bot worse reviews because of how the website where you vote is handled makes no sense. Get mad at the people that run the website and set up the ads, not the bot. The bot itself is amazing. The seasonal events, constant updates and bug fixes, and the community around it are all great. The developers are always working on new features and take community feedback into account. Easiest 5 star review ever.


avatar of Light
Light 26 days ago

Great bot for those Pokemon lovers, It never gets old as new Pokemon/events are introduced monthly. 100% recommend this!


avatar of Aurora11
Aurora11 21 days ago

This is the best bot I've ever used. I've recommended it to so many of my friends and they loved it! - Super fun, addictive and easy to use. - The user interactivity is incredible and new features roll out every so often! The events keep me coming back trying to grind for more shiny Pokémon, and the bot milestone promos are also amazing. - Even though Discord bots are usually really simple, PokéMeow stands out as one of the only high-quality bots out there. - A nice little extra, support server is extremely fun to hang around, staff team and community are really friendly and you can always have a nice chat there with some friends. I'd easily rate 5/5 stars without thinking, also 100% recommend to try.


avatar of Dolve
Dolve 23 days ago

PokéMeow is without a doubt the best Pokébot on Discord. The command system is very easy to understand, and the seasonal events make it a must - have in any server. There isn't much customisability with the bot, but that doesn't overshadow the incredible performance. I see myself using PokéMeow for a long time! 5 stars!


avatar of TU.rky
TU.rky 18 days ago

its an awesome bot, but i would make the catch cooldown faster. also, the battle requirements suck. but otherwise, i love it!


avatar of I KING MINER
I KING MINER 23 days ago

Is't a great bot for pokemon lovers wich I am. Also a lot of commands.


avatar of op
op 19 days ago

this is shit


avatar of Lucariobolado(miguel)
Lucariobolado(miguel) 25 days ago

i love the bot


avatar of YK69
YK69 23 days ago

i love it


avatar of RafaelC30
RafaelC30 19 days ago

The best (game) bot Ive ever seen, 100% would recommend especially for Pokemon lovers.


avatar of Chun
Chun 25 days ago

this bot is nice


avatar of D4rK
D4rK 25 days ago

One of my favorite Pokemon bot's. It has many more commands than your average pokebot and it's very easy to understand.


avatar of Mr Bad Boy
Mr Bad Boy 20 days ago

hey how to got a legandry pokemon


avatar of J4Y
J4Y 23 days ago

hi i love it


avatar of korrsette
korrsette 18 days ago

Its okay the controls of turning the pages in the inv or any shop, pokedex is a bit annoying,, I'd have to repeatedly type next for every 3 sec and for me to just look how many pokemon i have it takes a while then i type next,, doesn't go to page 2,, its like a timer which is a bit irritating,, If there was a reaction botton under like for example "back" or "next" it would be alot easier to control,, Also im really excited to even get a shiny or any legendary pokemon lmao,, overall i really really like the bot especially having shinies and events thats what i really like 🙊💖


avatar of oofgat
oofgat 17 days ago

it good


avatar of Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 18 days ago



avatar of M_BOII
M_BOII 23 days ago

I love the bot! I just wish it had a command for switching boxes. Other than that, the bot is amazing!


avatar of Nightwolf
Nightwolf 15 days ago

My pokemeow is offline what to do now pls help


avatar of 『RyuZU』Pancake
『RyuZU』Pancake 18 days ago

I like the game