Catch, level, and evolve pokémon. Trade with friends. Compete to catch 'em all.

Poketwo Commands Prefix: p!

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What is Pokétwo?

Pokétwo is a Pokémon-oriented Discord bot that lets you collect pokémon! You can catch pokémon in the wild, level your pokémon, compete with your friends, and more.

Getting Started

To get started, type p!start! I'll show you a list of starter pokémon you can choose from. After you make your decision, start your journey by typing p!pick <pokémon>.

Catching Pokémon

Pokémon will spawn randomly in servers based on chat activity. When a pokémon pops up, you'll have to guess which pokémon it is based on the picture and type p!catch <pokémon> to catch it! If you're successful, I will let you know.

Viewing Pokémon

To view all the pokémon you've caught, type p!pokemon! Every pokémon you catch is assigned a number specific to you, which is used to identify the pokémon. You can also type p!info to view your selected pokémon, p!info , or p!info latest.

Selecting Pokémon

You can select one pokémon at a time to level up, evolve, and do other actions with. Every time you talk, your selected pokémon will gain XP, and if it has enough, it will level up! Change your selected pokémon with p!select .