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🌸 Anime & Ecchi Card Collection & Party Builder 🥳 Bring Cards to life! 💞 Level 'em Up thru Battle and "Companionship"! 😏


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WaifuGame - Collect Anime Cards & Bring them to Life!

Build Your Party!

Will your party be Strong or Sweet? Build the deck you want, focus on the stats you want and build your ultimate party. Then use !wgprofile to show it off in chat!

!profile Command Example

The game has 7 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats (like Charisma, Luck and Endurance) and 6 Combat Stats (like Physical Attack, Magic Attack and Speed). The Combat Stats ultimately decide how good an Animu is in Combat, while Charisma is the most important Out-of-Combat stat: get rarer items and better odds!

You can also pay attention to the 25 Personalities (including favorite foods), the 20 Elemental Types, 7 Character Traits, and the 6 Rarity Levels. Together that makes for infinite ways to play. Doesn’t matter if you’re focusing on Combat or on Collection!

Timed Drops

The game runs 24/7 and all Cards can be interacted with hours after they drop. There are over 40,000 Cards but the number grows by the hundreds every day.

Scrolling past many, many cards

Eye Candy and Mystery Candy

As visual creatures, we can’t rely on text chat alone! Check out the web app for cool stuff like Quests, the Waifu Festival (Daily Rewards & Wheel of Fortune), and interacting with your party!

Card Encounters Sample

Prefer Dudes? We Got You!

By default, the WaifuGame drops 50% Waifus and 50% Husbandos. Tweak the settings for up to 85% Husbandos (or 85% Waifus). Non-binary is also represented 🏳‍🌈

Only Fan Art

WaifuGame showcases a ton of fan art. All Cards pages show a source link so you can find more from the same artist.

Start Playing Today!

Invite WaifuGame to your server, type !wgsetup and you’re ready to go!

If you need more instructions, head over to https://waifugame.com/play

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