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(BECOME A SERVER GYM LEADER) A simplistic and non-intrusive Pokémon gaming experience. Catch, evolve, battle, trade, and much more!


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Server Gyms are out now!

-> New command: !!server. -> Users can now become Gym Leaders of any server. Conquer the gyms and defend your spot to prove that you are one of the strongest trainers of your server.



We've all dreamt of it. The complete, multiplayer Pokémon Experience.

There are a lot of Poké Bots floating around Discord nowadays. So why, you ask, should you consider Poké Catcher?

  • We provide a simple and intuitive experience, have a quick 2-minute read and you're good to go!
  • This is not a "Chat Bot", wild Pokémon will not appear unless you use a command. No more intruding on your precious conversations!
  • Updated daily, with new and exciting features, it includes every single Pokémon up to Sword and Shield.

Here's a brief overview:

  • Catch, Evolve and Train a roster of your favourite Pokémon.

    team pokestop pokemon

  • Battle other users, Gym Leaders, and even Professor Oak?



  • Mega Evolutions, Form Changes, Shinies, we have them all (New: Gigantamaxing now available)!

    megasceptile zygarde100 greninja



  • Fill out your Pokédex, and trade with other users to get your favourites.


  • Explore different Locations, all with different types of Pokémon.


And here's a list of commands...

!!starter lets you choose a starter Pokémon (first 1,000 users will receive a shiny).

!!pokestop gives you Poké Balls once every 3 hours.

!!pokemon will spawn a wild encounter (10x per hour).

!!evolve to evolve a Pokémon with candy.

!!powerup to level up a Pokémon.

!!release to release a Pokémon to the wild for candy.

!!box [CP/IV/rarity/type/mega/gmax/form/shiny] will display all the Pokémon you have stored.

!!team [add/remove/switch/reset] allows you to manage a team to train and battle with.

!!inspect [pokemonName] to check your Pokémon's stats.

!!eggs to check your eggs being hatched.

!!inventory to view your items.

!!shop to browse items to buy with in-game money.

!!buy to buy an item from the shop.

!!use [itemname pokemonname] to use an item on a Pokémon.

!!news to see the latest announcements from the developer.

!!event to see if any Community Events are occuring.

!!pokedex for people who feel like catching 'em all.

!!info [pokemonName] to get details of a Pokédex entry.

!!giveaway [pokemonName] to give out a Pokémon to the first person who claims it.

!!battle [@user] to challenge another user to a Pokémon battle.

!!gym/!!league if you want to take the road towards becoming the Pokémon Champion.

!!locations to see which locations you can travel to.

!!travel [location name] to travel to a location.

!!fortrade [add/remove/view] to put a Pokémon up for trade.

!!trade [@user]/!!wondertrade trade with another user, or with an NPC using wondertrade.

!!tasks to do daily errands for Officer Jenny.

!!profile to check out your trainer stats.

!!leaderboard [badges/money] to see how you rank with other trainers on the server.

Of course, this is just an overview. For a quick walkthrough, use !!guide

Have fun!

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