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Manage your own Taco Shack! Buy upgrades, hire employees, run advertisements, and most importantly... sell tacos!


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- Manage your Taco Shack -

  • Make money by increasing your hourly income!
    • Buy Upgrades to improve your shack and generate more income!
    • Hire Employees to make more tacos!
    • Run Advertisements for your shack to get the word out!
    • Purchase Decorations for your Shack to make it more appealing to customers!
    • Purchase temporary Boosts to help increase revenue!
  • Manage your shack!
    • Work to make some side cash!
    • Collect tips from your tip jar!
    • Edit your menu to attract customers!
    • Clean your Shack to keep customers happy!
    • Purchase temporary Boosts to help increase revenue!
    • Complete daily tasks to unlock rewards!
  • Purchase new locations to increase profits!
    • Purchase a Taco Truck to expand your reach!
    • Purchase a Beach Shack and Ice Cream Stand to attract more customers!
  • Other side hustles to boost your shack
    • Play Taco Slots or Blackjack!
    • Test your luck with other games such as Scratch Tickets!
  • Unlock Achievements to keep your growing your shack

- Compete -

  • Become the highest on the leaderboard by selling the most tacos!
  • Compete to become the richest player!
  • Work more shifts than any other Shack owner!
  • Compete on weekly leaderboards and on a grind streak leaderboard!

- Create a Franchise -

  • Join up with your friends and other shacks to create a Franchise!
  • Promote your members to new positions
  • Compete on the 4 leaderboards to become the best Franchise
  • Compete in events with your Franchise to win prizes
  • Work together to better your Franchise
  • Customize your Franchise with a logo and colors!

Important Links:

Beginner's Guide
Franchise Guide
Support Server

- Basic Commands -

!help View all commands
!found Found your taco shack (required to play)
!shack View your taco shack
!cooldowns View your current cooldows
!menu View your menu
!achievements View your current achievements
!tasks View your daily tasks
!boost View your active boosts
!support Join the Support Server
!info Get info about the bot
!f info Get info about franchises
!prefix [new prefix] Change your servers prefix
!prefixinfo Displays the prefix for the server you are in. Works with (!)
Look here for all commands!

Join the Support Server to ask questions, hang out with the community, participate in events and giveaways, join the TacoLottery, and have access to special channels that allow you to sell your tacos!


User Reviews


Based on 114 reviews

avatar of Albert
Albert 2 months ago

This is one of my favourite bots to play! It's very interactive and I can't wait to max out my shack! Don't beat me on the leaderboard please ๐Ÿฅบ! If you don't have this bot in your server, your server is lame.


avatar of Az_Noobz
Az_Noobz 2 months ago

Thee best bot ever. I dont know where my discord would be without tacoshack


avatar of MsCandy44
MsCandy44 2 months ago

Honestly this is my favorite bot ever. I've never gotten bored of it and competing with my friends for leaderboards is a lot of fun ^-^ Make sure to join the support server because the community is awesome!


avatar of Jordy
Jordy 2 months ago

This bot is the best bot I ever used! It's fun and easy to use and I really love it. The bot deserves 5 stars from me!


avatar of TheProwler
TheProwler 2 months ago

It is a very nice bot and it has a lot of commands


avatar of ninjasean56
ninjasean56 2 months ago

The bot is actually funner than I thought. It was added to a server with a lot of my friends and it turned out well imo.


avatar of Trxsh-f1sh
Trxsh-f1sh 2 months ago

The only community that has welcomed me with open arms. This bot is more fun when you join the server, so I highly recommend it.


avatar of vic ๐Ÿธ
vic ๐Ÿธ 2 months ago

I've never felt so attached to a bunch of strangers before, after I joined the bot's server I immediately felt the community's welcoming and the staff members' friendliness and goofiness. I met all my friends there and the gameplay is very interactive and fun. 100% recommend this bot and its server as you'll not only have a blast playing with the bot but also meet lots of awesome people and have a wonderful time.


avatar of lil nugget
lil nugget 2 months ago

epek bot and community, super fun game :)))))))))))))))))))))


avatar of teddy bear
teddy bear 2 months ago

one of the favourite bots I have liked to played, I was getting bored of the bot dank memer and heard about this bot and ever since then ive just liked it alot and we love Cole and john for all the work they have done for us to have an amazing experience


avatar of AnorakX
AnorakX 2 months ago

With its countless ways to play, robust features, and welcoming community, itโ€™s no wonder TacoShack is one of the top Discord bots. TacoShack allows you to grind obsessively or generate income passively, most of the time encouraging you to do both. Compete with friends, servermates, or globally. And even when you think youโ€™ve got it all, TacoShack continually surprises you with new features and tricks as you discover all it has to offer.


avatar of MisterRedEyeGuy
MisterRedEyeGuy 2 months ago

This is an amazing bot if you have a kind of big server!


avatar of pocky
pocky 2 months ago

Awesome and fun bot, join the community server to have even more fun as people there are very goofy and staff members are epic. ALSO Cole and John are kinda cute so 5 stars :P


avatar of itswillum
itswillum 2 months ago

This bot is great, the community is super nice and supportive, there's hardly any downtime and plenty of updates, and it can provide tons of entertainment


avatar of Naruchu
Naruchu 2 months ago

epicvadsfgdb grsdtgsdgsdgs


avatar of -Txrtle
-Txrtle 2 months ago

It gives you so much money!itโ€™s the best