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🌸 500+ Best Emotes🥟 $600 of Nitro Giveaways🍙 Welcoming and Positive Community❗️ Fun Events🏮 Active chat & 24/7 VC🍜 Join us now!




Hangout Cafe ♡

A place for you to hangout and have a good time in the snowy and chill theme atmosphere with 500 best & cutest emotes. Here you can also find a lot of unique concepts to relax and motivate yourself.

Monthly $600 and Nitro Giveaways

500 best & cutest emotes

13+ & 100% SFW, Aesthetic Server

Almost all popular Premium Bots

24/7 Active Chat and VC's

Join us right here and exchange some positive vibes aha!

User Reviews


Based on 42 reviews

avatar of Severence
Severence 3 months ago

By looking here, we can understand it is a big community with nearly 30K users and they regularly update the emotes based on the current trend 🔥. If you are new to the server, then you have to know that, this server is maintained by a lot of Staff and Helpers. There are a lot of giveaways done by the owners and a lot of members donate to the server development😲. There are tons of bots for fun and a lot of people who make you feel better and to share your feelings. If you aren't into the server, I highly recommend you to join and have fun 😉😉.


avatar of Mac
Mac 3 months ago

Very epic server pog, the staff is so nice cuz i am one of the staff :)


avatar of (focusing on class)Teehee

I absolutely love this server, they have the cutest and most unique emotes/emojis I have ever personally seen, everyone there is so nice, and there channels/chats are all so fun and interactive! I personally joined this server for the emotes, but after chatting for sometime in the public chats, I figured everyone was so sweet! They have several different channels made for you to enjoy too, like bot channels or some selfie channels! Oh, and they host several giveaways too, which everyone loves and participates in, they give nitro, and sometimes even giveaway $10 US. I personally love this server and highly recommend you to join in if you are looking to have some fun <3 PS: The chats are very active, so the server isn't dry, all the mods are sweet and helpful and the server is so enjoyable :D


avatar of Conan
Conan 3 months ago

Server is so good its impossible to get bored there so many things to do and so many people to talk to its very fun and i think more people who dont have much to do should join, i joined because i was very bored and im not bored anymore i have people i can play and chat with! ba dum tss


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

Great server! been here for quite a bit, got some really cool channels like auto memes, positivity, etc The staff in the server is chill too along with a great chat. A few things in the server need some improvement but overall it's a nice server I should say! Cheers.


avatar of Teo
Teo 3 months ago

Nicest community ever, super chill. shoutout to mac YEAH BABYYY


avatar of Ethanator
Ethanator 3 months ago

AMAZING server! It's everything you could ever ask for! Active, never silent chat, almost 30k members, 50 boosts, amazing giveaways, INCLUDING a 500$ giveaway! (100 nitros), and you bet its legit! More features are great staff, especially the owner! There is also fun discord bots, and an amazing server layout! Overall, this is one of my favorite servers, I would definitely recommend joining this fun community!


avatar of Azumii
Azumii 3 months ago

Hangout Cafe is such an awesome Server. Im so glad I joined it! The staff is super nice, friendly and kind. Hangout Cafe is owned by people like sparsh and papa, such legends :D. The hangout cafe community is super friendly too. I think its the most none toxic server Ive ever seen, but come on, what do yoi expect from a super cute animal crossing server picture? :D Hangout Cafe is really a great server to chill and the name fits really perfect <3. Plus the emotes are so cute, I always find myself using kannadance, yumekoclap or another wholesome hc emote, the emotes are a whole reason themeselves to join this server :o But you cant use kannadance and yumekoclap without that thing everyone wants. Nitro! But hangout cafe has THE solution for that. Giveaways! :D They are spending their time and money to gift us nitro, thats so sweet and kind <3 They are doing a nitro giveaway *everyday*,sometimes thex are doing partnership giveaways and the most important thing of all:*the 100 nitro giveaway*!! This giveaway lats until 29th november,but they are always doing these big giveaways :D. It has over 1000 reactions! Incredible! Now the last thing i love the most about hangout cafe, voting,boosting and being active is higly rewarded! You can get nitro and more entries in giveaways when you support this server! Its such an awesome idea to reward the supporters and im giving my best to support them, for example writing this review just now! Thanks for reading this all :) OMG, i talked so much :D But when you arent in hangout cafe until now, omg are you crazy!? Join it now or I will steal your cookies!


avatar of Nemesis
Nemesis 3 months ago

One of the best served I found on discord. This server is real active 24/7. Active & friendly staff with tons of emojies as u can see up ahead. • Totally sfw server and follows 'discord ToS' • Supports partnership. • premium popular bots like dank Memer etcetera. • Accepts every member regardless of their background. • Supports artists and content creators. Come on in!


avatar of Paradiso
Paradiso 3 months ago

I love this server because it's a warm and welcoming community. It has a bunch of cute emotes (that I may or may not have stolen). Overall, it's a really great community to spend time in! (Please don't chase me for stealing your emotes (ಥ﹏ಥ)


avatar of O_o
O_o 3 months ago

Hangout Cafe is a discord server with over 29k members (almost 30k now) and 50 boosts! VERY GOOD SERVER!! I have won nitro there before, COMPLETELY LEGIT 100%! Nice community, emotes and of course.. ONE OF THE BEST OWNERS IVE EVER MET! Thank you Sparsh! We are doin a 500$ USD giveaway right now! So join in and maybe you will win (cmon its 100 nitros so join already). Tons of giveaways that you will love with such simple requirements and sometimes even 0 reqs! Unique emotes, nice community, lots of giveaways, cool bots, awesome owner, very active chat, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Join Hangout Cafe now because 29k members are waiting for you!


avatar of Hazumaki
Hazumaki 3 months ago

This server is good because they can handle there members carefully they can fix problems as soon as they can and they are respectful you can approach them easily and there characteristic is good there is a time i question them and they answer all my questions


avatar of AgentHotel
AgentHotel 3 months ago

I joined the server from invitation on the other server for giveaway & then ended up stopping by in there out of curiosity like traveling merchant. However, I didn't expect that the community is pretty nice with helpful staffs whom can be asked for some assistance by creating a support ticket provided in the server. Also, the server supports creators like YTbers, streamers, artists & photographers to show their works by asking the staffs first which is another plus (I'm an artist myself). Right now I've befriended a couple of fellows in there & considering to befriend more fellows for the time being.


avatar of MR_J🅾 J🅾(╹◡╹)

I have Been in this server for the past 3 months ,My Honest Opinion is that this server is so loving and careful..The Community the Owners and the Moderators all are so understanding..I hope best for this sever For their Future to Come..(Ill be there for long).


avatar of アルザン
アルザン 3 months ago

Honestly, it's considered a best server out there! Co'mods are very nice and kind ❤ approachable staff indeed. Sparsh, yes! One of a coolest guy out there 😉 most members are friendly and the server is really fun ❤ i love every giveaway! You guys are amazing 😘 godblessed hoomans ! Stay safe 😊


avatar of em ᵎᵎ
em ᵎᵎ 3 months ago

This server is a very fit server if you’re looking for an active one to socialize & make friends in. They also have super cute emotes that are updated often. They also have nitro giveaways ongoing always (and they’re legit too)! The members of the server are super welcoming & easy to get along with :)!


avatar of PercyJackson
PercyJackson 3 months ago

well ty for the giveaways, (they are legit) thats all i have to say


avatar of Fear
Fear 3 months ago