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Top Discord Servers

Top Discord Servers

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  • LegExCoders Icon
    379 members 70 emotes

    ▮ LegExCoders is a team of discord bot devs and web devs. We create bots for entertainment of discord members

    Developer, Fun
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  • Kokoro 心 | Anime & Social Icon
    61,300 members 448 emotes
    Kokoro 心 | Anime & Social

    Welcome to Kokoro 心! A remarkably active and welcoming anime/kpop/gaming community dedicated to simply having a good time. Come drop by!

    Anime, KPop
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  • ✦ Makai | 魔界 Icon
    25,864 members 442 emotes
    ✦ Makai | 魔界

    🌹 This is a laid back, chill anime community!

    Anime, Social
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  • Love Among Us Icon
    750 members 47 emotes
    Love Among Us

    Among Us | Proximity Mode | Active Staff Team | Chill Community | Frequent Giveaways | Level 3 Boosted | Public Theatres

    Among Us, Fun
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  • MHX's Cave Icon
    7,367 members 470 emotes
    MHX's Cave

    Welcome to MHX's Cave! We have nitro giveaways, an amazing community and a lot of emojis! Join if you don't want to miss out! :D

    Giveaway, Among Us
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  • New Line Icon
    5,874 members 424 emotes
    New Line

    📗24/7 Active Chats! 📘Giveaways! 📕Events! 📙Friendly! 📒SFW Community! 📚JOIN US FOR A COOKIE!📚

    Economy, Giveaway
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  • Dank City Icon
    2,953 members 180 emotes
    Dank City

    A Dank Memer and poketwo Server (Rob and Heist Disabled) with Daily Giveaways, incense, Heists, and a fun and welcoming community.

    Gaming, Giveaway
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  • The Dank Treasury Icon
    5,075 members 271 emotes
    The Dank Treasury

    Dank Memer Premium Server┆Rob and Heist Permanently Disabled┆Huge Giveaways and Heists Daily┆Trade Channels┆Fun Community ツ

    Meme, Giveaway
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  • 679
    10,202 members 431 emotes
    Engrish's Bizarre Discord

    !Community based off the youtube channel NoEngrish! This community is also based around Genshin Impact and anime! Come join say hi!!!

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Among Us Icon
    152,634 members 168 emotes
    Among Us

    #1 Server for Among Us players to come and play. Weekly giveaways, events and more! 🎁

    Among Us, Gaming
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  • Pokefans 2.0 Icon
    3,830 members 227 emotes
    Pokefans 2.0

    ❤️ Welcome To PokeFans 2.0 ❤️ Its a growing,active Pokemon community with friendly, helpful staffs with daily giveaways &exclusive events

    Giveaway, Fun
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  • 鬼﹕kimetsu Icon
    6,705 members 317 emotes

    ── 🦋 ꒰꒰ kimetsu — an animanga, gaming, and art community with 300+ custom emotes and a nice aesthetic

    Anime, Emotes
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  • Obelisk Icon
    618 members 169 emotes

    Obelisk Server, official Server for a RPG bot game. Join our community and game server on Discord to start playing with adventurers

    Gaming, Support Server
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  • 657
    115,396 members 474 emotes
    ⚜ Gay & Comfy.

    ♔ It's a personal, but public server with great nitro & global emotes that happens to be owned by a gay girl who likes comfy things.

    Anime, Emotes
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