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  • Fluffy Abyss Icon
    8,297 members 500 emotes
    Fluffy Abyss

    Hey, you! I see you browsing! Curious to explore our wonderful furry server on the other side of the portal? We got tons of stuff to offer!

    Furry, Social
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  • The Furry Nexus Icon
    48,626 members 215 emotes
    The Furry Nexus

    Hi! We're the biggest furry server on Discord with over 50k users. Perfect for artists, furries, roleplayers, gamers and more! :D

    Social, Fun
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  • Winterhaven Icon
    8,521 members 196 emotes

    Winterhaven is the go to Furry Discord Server. We have a friendly atmosphere that has no room for drama or toxicity!

    Furry, Social
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  • The Furry Assembly Icon
    3,096 members 498 emotes
    The Furry Assembly

    Hey! The Furry Assembly is awaiting your arrival! Active Users Daily! Welcoming Community! Giveaways! We're only missing you!

    Furry, Social
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  • Cosmic Craft Icon
    8,601 members 164 emotes
    Cosmic Craft

    ✨Voted the #1 Minecraft server in the world✨ ✨Daily Nitro giveaways✨ ✨Mc.CosmicMc.Net✨

    Minecraft, Furry
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  • Vistas Icon
    1,280 members 194 emotes

    Vistas is a great furry community for all kinds of people with lots of channels for different hobbies and interests. We support you!

    Furry, Art
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  • Furry Hollow Icon
    1,444 members 135 emotes
    Furry Hollow

    A loving and wholesome community for all furries to come and enjoy

    Furry, Roleplay
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  • 183
    4,197 members 446 emotes
    Club Floof! 🌸

    Hey, you! Come check out Club Floof, a 100% SFW Furry Discord Partnered server with many fun things to do past the gates! <3

    Social, Roleplay
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  • The Furry Agenda Icon
    5,369 members 257 emotes
    The Furry Agenda

    A furry server you can chat, share, and meet new furries! and have a good time. (Must be 16+ to join).

    Furry, Social
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  • Furgether Icon
    552 members 460 emotes

    A great place for gamers of all kinds to meet up and game on

    Furry, Gaming
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  • Ambient Forest Icon
    4,459 members 239 emotes
    Ambient Forest

    🌲 Welcome to Ambient Forest! 🌲 We're a furry hangout server built with and for community!

    Furry, Roleplay
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  • Sanctuary Icon
    929 members 448 emotes

    Just your local friendly furry server that changes themes along with the seasons! Spring season just started! 💖

    Social, Furry
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  • 🍍Furry Paradise 🍹 Icon
    93 members 48 emotes
    🍍Furry Paradise 🍹

    Welcome to Paradise! Feel the warm breeze, sun bathe, look at the sun getting ready to sleep in the horizon. Come down and have fun!

    Furry, Roleplay
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  • Kitz's Kommunity Icon
    309 members 66 emotes
    Kitz's Kommunity

    We're a smaller furry server that's just starting out. If you join you can expect a nice community, Hope to see you there! 16+ To Join

    Furry, Fun
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  • Amicus Palace Icon
    1,199 members 141 emotes
    Amicus Palace

    👋 Welcome! 👋 We are a SFW furry server with optional NSFW channels that's themed on the Visual Novel (VN) "Adastra" by EchoProject!

    Furry, Social
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  • OnlyFurs Icon
    2,067 members 121 emotes

    A friendly and welcoming furry community that supports artists

    Furry, Art
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