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Music Discord Servers

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  • 🍁| Otaku Spirit Icon
    5,649 members 404 emotes
    🍁| Otaku Spirit

    Welcome to Otaku Spirit! A remarkably active, open, and welcoming otaku community dedicated to simply having a good time. Come drop by!

    Anime, Emotes
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  • FredBoat Hangout Icon
    228,855 members 94 emotes
    FredBoat Hangout

    Official server for FredBoat the music bot.

    Support Server, Music
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  • ♡ PlayRoom ♡ Icon
    45,781 members 484 emotes
    ♡ PlayRoom ♡

    💕💕💕 No.1 DATING Server 💕💕💕 Love ! ♡ 150 Profiles / Day ! ♡ Match Bot ! ♡ Relationship ! ♡ LGBT-Dating ! ♡ Welcoming Community ! ♡

    Roleplay, Music
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  • 28,831 members 187 emotes

    Discord's #1 hip-hop server -- Pusha T is in here! 30,000+ Members!

    Social, Music
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  • 20,695 members 159 emotes

    The Kanye server is a friendly and welcoming music community, not focused exclusively on Kanye discussion. We welcome all music discussion.

    Music, Social
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  • Kpop Server Index Icon
    18,970 members 12 emotes
    Kpop Server Index

    The index for all KPop communities on Discord.

    KPop, Music
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  • Nitro Drops Icon
    15,926 members 103 emotes
    Nitro Drops

    This Server is Basically Focussed On Creating A Community and Letting People Interact With Each Other

    Fun, Giveaway
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  • Loli Shelter Icon
    14,815 members 201 emotes
    Loli Shelter

    The one and only biggest server dedicated to the protection of lolis. If you want to be sure the lolis are safe then join the Lolicop army!

    Anime, Fun
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  • Playboi Carti Icon
    11,606 members 151 emotes
    Playboi Carti

    The Playboi Carti server is a chill and laid back community, we welcome all music discussion

    Music, Fun
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  • .kpop Icon
    11,252 members 106 emotes

    Oldest running K-Pop server. Associated with /r/kpop subreddit.

    Music, KPop
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  • Born To Snipe Icon
    11,077 members 300 emotes
    Born To Snipe

    Born To Snipe Discord Server is a growing community for gamers + we are working daily to give you the experience of best server.

    Gaming, PUBG
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  • BalanceTonQuoi 👄 Icon
    10,561 members 94 emotes
    BalanceTonQuoi 👄

    Serveur communautaire discord francophone venez discuter français . FR

    Gaming, Music
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  • Heaven Icon
    10,444 members 107 emotes

    Social | Custom Bot | 1:1 Male to Female Ratio

    Social, Fun
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  • NT || نبرات Icon
    9,656 members 65 emotes
    NT || نبرات

    افضل واقوى سيرفر عربي على الديسكورد جميع ما تتمناه سوف تجده بنبرات

    Music, Gaming
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    9,182 members 119 emotes

    Wholesome and family friendly content

    Meme, Social
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  • 💕หาคู่💕[COMMUNITY] ♪ Icon
    9,134 members 68 emotes
    💕หาคู่💕[COMMUNITY] ♪

    เป็นดิสหาคู่จ้าาและคุยกันเล่นๆก็ได้หรือเล่นเกมส์ เข้ามาคุยกันเร็ว!!

    Gaming, Music
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