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A bot with Quran in 100+ translations, prayer times, hadith, tafsir, duas and more.

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إسلام بوت

‫إسلام بوت هو بوت بأكواد متاحة للجميع وله وظائف كثيرة مفيدة, تقدر أن:
تبعث آيات قرآنية في الشات, باكثر من 100 ترجمة متوفرة القرآن الكريم
تبعث أوقات الصلاة في أي مكان في العالم مواعيد الصلاة
‫تبعث أحاديث من موقع sunnah.com في الشات بالعربية او الانجليزية حديث
تبعث أدعية من كتاب حصن المسلم أدعية
تبعث تفسير أي آية, يوجد 56 تفسير متاح بالعربية تفاسير القرآن الكريم
تبعث معلومات عن تجويد كلمة معينة من القرآن تجويد الكلمات
تبعث صفحة من المصحف الشريف تحتوي على آية معينة في الشات, و تقدر أن تختار تلوين التجويد بالأحمر ليكون واضحا المصحف


IslamBot is an open-source Discord bot which provides several useful Islamic utilities.

Feature Overview

Feature Description
Qurʼān Sends Qurʼān verses in chat, with 100+ translations available.
Prayer Times Sends prayer times in chat for any location in the world. You can also set a prayer times reminder channel or receive reminders through DMs.
Duas Sends duas from Fortress of the Muslim (Hisn al-Muslim).
Tafsīr Sends the tafsīr of a Qurʼānic verse in chat, with 9 tafasir available in English and 57 in Arabic.
Ḥadīth Sends ḥadīth from sunnah.com in chat in English and Arabic.
Qurʼān Morphology Sends information about the morphology of any Qur'ānic word.
Calendar Get the current Hijri date, and convert between the Hijri and Gregorian calendars.
Mushaf Sends the mushaf page containing a Qur'ānic verse, with optional tajwīd colour coding.

If you would like to play Qurʼān in voice chat, check out Iqra!

Qurʼān / القرآن الكريم


-quran sends verses from the Qur'an. You can also use a specific translation. Click here for a list of translations.

To get a single verse:

-quran <surah>:<verse> <translation>

For example:

-quran 1:1 french

To get multiple verses:

-quran <surah>:<first verse>-<last verse> <translation>

For example:

-quran 1:1-7 khattab 

The above command would send verses 1-7 of Surah al-Fatihah using Dr Mustafa Khattab's translation.


-settranslation allows you to change the default translation of -quran on your server. You must have the Manage Server or Administrator permission to use this command.

-settranslation <translation>

For example:

-settranslation sahih 

This would set the default Qur'an translation to Sahih International.

Click here for a list of translations.


‫.تبعث آيات قرآنية في الشات

‫اكتب -aquran <رقم السورة>:<رقم الآية>

‫اذا اردت ان تبعث اكثر من اية, اكتب -aquran <رقم السورة>:<أول آية>-<اخر آية>

-aquran functions exactly like -quran, but sends the verses in Arabic.

For example, to quote the first verse of the Qur'an:

-aquran 1:1


‫اكتب -morphology <رقم السورة>:<رقم الآية>:<رقم الكلمة>

-morphology allows you to analyse the Arabic morphology of any word in the Qur'an.

-morphology surah:verse:word number

For example:

-morphology 1:2:4

This would send the morphology of the 4th word of the 2nd verse of the 1st chapter of the Qur'an. The bot will also show the syntax of the verse the word is in, if the data is available.


‫تبعث صفحة من المصحف الشريف تحتوي على آية معينة في الشات, و تقدر أن تختار تلوين التجويد بالأحمر ليكون واضحا.

‫اكتب -mushaf <رقم السورة>:<رقم الآية>

‫يمكن كتابة "tajweed" في آخر الأمر لترى التجويد بالأحمر.

-mushaf sends the page containing a Qur'anic verse on a standard mushaf.

-mushaf <surah>:<verse>

For example:

-mushaf 1:2

This would send an image of the page containing Qur'an 1:2 on a Medina Mushaf.

If you want a page with color-coded tajweed rules, add 'tajweed' to the end of the command.

For example:

-mushaf 112:1 tajweed


-surah sends basic information about a surah.

-surah <surah number>

For example:

-surah 1

Tafsir / تفاسير القرآن الكريم


‫تبعث تفسير أي آية, يوجد 37 تفسير متاح بالعربية.

‫اكتب -atafsir <رقم السورة>:<رقم الآية> <اسم تفسير اختياري>

اضغط هنا لقائمة التفسيرات

-atafsir allows you to quote from over 57 Arabic tafaseer. Click here for a list.

-atafsir <surah>:<verse> <tafsir name>

For example:

-atafsir 2:255 tabari

The above command would quote the tafsir of Ayatul Kursi from Tafsīr al-Tabari.


-tafsir allows you to quote from non-Arabic tafaseer, including 9 in English. Click here for a list. It works in the same manner as -atafsir.

-tafsir <surah>:<verse> <tafsir name>

For example:

-tafsir 1:1 ibnkathir

The above command would quote the tafsir of Surah al-Fatihah, verse 1 from Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

Dua / أدعية


Sends the list of available dua topics for -dua.


-dua allows you to get duas from Fortress of the Muslim (Hisn al-Muslim).

-dua <dua topic from -dualist>

For example, to get duas for breaking fasts:

-dua breaking fast

Hadith / حديث


-hadith allows you to send hadith from sunnah.com in English.

-hadith <collection name> <book number>:<hadith number>

For example, to send https://sunnah.com/bukhari/1/2, type:

-hadith bukhari 1:2

Alternatively, you can just paste the sunnah.com link in chat. The bot will then send the hadith if it can.

Hadith collection names / اسماء تجميعات الأحاديث

Hadith Collection Name for Bot
Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal ahmad
Mishkat al-Masabih mishkat
Sahih al-Bukhari bukhari
Sahih Muslim muslim
Jami' at-Tirmidhi tirmidhi
Sunan Abi Dawud abudawud
Sunan an-Nasa'i nasai
Muwatta Malik malik
Riyadh as-Saliheen riyadussalihin
Al-Adab al-Mufrad adab
Bulugh al-Maram bulugh
40 Hadith Qudsi qudsi
40 Hadith Nawawi nawawi
Hisn al-Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim) hisn

40 Hadith Qudsi, 40 Hadith Nawawi and Hisn al-Muslim only need a hadith number. For example: -hadith qudsi 32


‫تبعث أحاديث من موقع sunnah.com في الشات بالعربية

‫اكتب -hadith <اسم تجميعة الأحاديث>:<رقم الكتاب>:<رقم الحديث>

-ahadith is the same as -hadith, but sends the hadith in Arabic.

Prayer Times / مواعيد الصلاة

‫ابعث مواعيد الصلاة لمكان معين.

‫ اكتب -prayertimes <المكان>

The bot can also fetch the prayer times for any location. More precise locations will yield more accurate prayer times.

-prayertimes <location>

For example:

-prayertimes Burj Khalifa, Dubai

..would fetch prayer times in the general area of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Allows you to change your personal calculation method for -prayertimes.

Hijri Calendar


This shows the current Hijri date (in the US).


Converts a Gregorian date to its corresponding Hijri date.

-converttohijri DD-MM-YY 

For example:

-converttohijri 31-08-2017


Converts a Hijri date to its corresponding Gregorian date.

For example, to convert 17 Muharram 1407:

-convertfromhijri 17-01-1407


🔒 You must have the Administrator permission to use these commands.

-prefix set

Changes the bot's prefix on your server.

For example:

-prefix set +

-prefix remove

Removes the bot's custom prefix on your server.

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over 1 year ago

Works as intended , thanks to the brother who made this bot.



over 1 year ago

nice bot and useful god bless you good luck



over 1 year ago

MashaAllah, I love this bot! So well documented too


Islamitische Server
Islamitische Server

over 1 year ago

There were added new languages on Quran.com, when I asked if they will be added, he told me that he will do it, in shaa Allah. May Allah Bless him efforts. Good brother <3



12 months ago

May Allah Give You Better Reward



11 months ago

masya Allah brother, this is so good !


Tahsin Hasan
Tahsin Hasan

11 months ago

nice bot may allah bless the dev of this bot jazakallahu khairan brother



8 months ago

Bot is awesome. It has great useful features, and fantastic documentation.




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