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A multi-purpose discord bot, Moderation, Fun, Development


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Featured Commands

>eval - run java code
>partner - ask for partner on other server
>twitter - check for tweets on twitter
>haste - paste text on hastebin
>schematic - saves WHOLE discord server as a schematic which you can apply it, you have options to save it with password.

All Commands

>game - search for users playing a game
>twitter - search tweets
>shorten - Shorten links
>terms - Terms of service
>mc - View player's info
>commands - displays this
>g - Search something
>help - displays help
>discord - join Cuberz's official discord
>bc - broadcasts embed message to any channel
>purge - purge messages
>ban - ban a member
>unmute - unmute a member
>clearwarn - clear warnings from a member
>mute - mute a member
>autorole - give player a role automatically
>modules - toggle modules
>warn - warn a member
>delmod - remove moderator from server
>kick - kick a member
>addmod - add a moderator to your guild
>gif - find gifs on Giphy
>ud - define words
>ecolor - set embed's color
>etitle - set embed's title
>snippet - share code with everyone!
>author - View author's info on Spigotmc
>haste - Paste text/code on hastebin
>eval - executes java code
>spigot - view spigot plugin detail
>emoji - add custom emoji
>info - checks member's info
>badges - View descriptions of all badges
>partner - asking for partner in server that accepts partner
>report - report a member in guild
>botstats - show stats of the bot
>invite - Invite the bot
>schematic - saves schematic of a server


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