Novus FM


Novus FM is a music bot made to mimic a radio station ​with jingles and a wide variety of music, being broadcasting across multiple servers.

Novus FM Commands Prefix: @NovusFM

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Novus FM, Discord radio the way it’s meant to be. Novus Community created the project originally to mimic a real radio station with a variety of different songs, genres and artists coupled with the occasional jingle to really immerse you in the experience, sent out across a broadcast for each server to listen to in unison. The bot has been available for public use since November of 2017 and has accumulated thousands of daily listeners. Why not join them?

The setup is as easy as running @NovusFM config and following the on screen instructions to tweak to your liking.

We also accept requests for music, if you think a song or artist is worthy of being in our playlist, just do @NovusFM request.